About us

Noghteh Group has been started officially in 2011. Our primary mission is to make movies and launch creative ideas to promote knowledge, culture and anything which makes people’s life better and easier.

Noghteh (نقطه) /nougte/ means point in English, point in French, punkt in German, punt in Dutch and punto in Spanish. For us, Noghteh (point) is everything. We believe that the whole universe starts from a point.

Not only for us but also for almost every field point is a crucial factor: Noghteh (point) in mathematics is the start and end of every line, and in architecture is one of the primary and original sections. In geometry,  point is the basis of geometrical language and shapes like line, triangle, square. In literature, point is the end of each sentences, and it closes the meaning. In visual arts, the effect of everything on page is called point, and point is the smallest unit of each picture. On the hand the whole universe in mystic views is summarized in the point of B (ب) of Bism-Allah (بسم الله).

Who are we?

This group is initiated by three main person:

Mohammadamin Naderi

Mohammadarmin Naderi

Somayyeh Chaychi