– Mision and Vision


  1. Introducing the multi talent people who has a questioning, creative mind, the people who are mostly contemporary and old scholars.
  2. Investigating the golden points and decisive moments in the lives of well known people in the world; trying to present a real picture of their way to their inventions, masterpieces or fame.
  3. Producing a proper atmosphere for  promoting people’s thinking and accuracy through motion pictures, photographies and creativity.


  1. Promote free, questioning thinking and creative minds
  2. Create the proper motivation for fleeing from routines, and pave the way to more useful, innovative people
  3. Draw people’s attention to innovation in both job and life style
  4. Try to direct societies to specific details which are very important but long forgotten
  5. As Noghteh (point) is the origin of the whole world, we will try our best to tell our message to everyone around the globe