Dr. Mehdi Aminrazavi Interview

Mehdi Aminrazavi is a Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Co-Director of the Leidecker Center for Asian Studies. He earned a Ph.D. (1989) in philosophy of religion from Temple University, after receiving an M.A. (1981) in philosophy and a B.A. (1979) in urban planning from the University of Washington.

Dr. Aminrazavi’s preoccupation with the legacy of Omar Khayyam dates back to his childhood visits to Nayshabur, where he heard for the first time the powerful message in the poetry being recited around the poet’s tomb; simple words which have proved inspirational to thousands both before and since. This preoccupation has lasted year after year and eventually leads to a masterpiece on this great polymath of ancient Iran “Omar Khayyam”: Wine of Wisdom. “WINE OF WISDOM: the life, poetry and philosophy of Omar Khayyam” ¬†has been written by Mehdi Aminrazavi in 2005, later it was followed by a Farsi translation by Dr. Majdodin Keivani, and it won “the prize for book of the year” in Iran in 2007.

Since, in “The Broken Grail” project, we aim to gather all the worldly known scholars, we had the honor of hosting this great man of knowledge in Mashhad in June 2014. The interview with Dr. Mehdi Aminrazavi had been done in Mashhad by Noghteh Group. It took nearly 4 hours and we should admit that Dr. Aminrazavi was incredibly kind and patient with us.

Here, we should again thank sincerely all the  great scholars who has been helping us in this project so far.